Las Vegas Neon-Soaked Strip: Quintessential And Upscale Casino Hotels

staying at a hotel-casino

Las Vegas Strip is the most recognizable street. It is the home of the most prominent hotels and casinos, the most visited and photographed avenues in the world. The Strip is the famous epicenter of Las Vegas, a boldly neon-lit boulevard to see the most iconic Vegas casinos.

Best hotels to book

The Circus Circus hotels in Las Vegas is mostly-booked by vacationers and travelers from different parts of the world, especially those casino lovers. Since Christmas is fast approaching, the hotel is receiving more bookings and reservations. Here is a list of hotels available and accepting booking and reservations:

  • Casino tower rooms
  • West tower rooms
  • Skyrise tower rooms
  • Manor motor lodge rooms

These are the hotels open for all, accepting guests and tourists from different parts of the world.

The Adventuredome

To fully-enjoy, the recreation, buy tickets and check the info to know more about Adventuredome. More adventures and thrills are experienced here. The rides and attractions are perfect recreations to experience for your family. Kids will love it.

Arcades and video games are unstoppable to enjoy by your kids. Here are the feature attractions in Adventuredome:

  • Crack the code
  • Xtreme zone
  • Arcade
  • Classic arcade
  • VR room
  • Escape the vault
  • Pirates bounty
  • Midway games

Aside from the featured attractions, experience some other recreations, such as:

  • Coaster rides
  • Large rides
  • Premium rides
  • FX theater 4D features
  • Extreme ride theater
  • Family rides
  • Junior rides

World-class restaurants

There are world-class restaurants around Las Vegas. The Strip has these famous restaurants named The steak house, Pizzeria, Bars, Blue Iguana Mexican, and more.

Entertainment and amenities

Aside from the world-class hotels and prestigious restaurants, entertainment and amenities are covered in Circus Circus hotels. Over an acre of splash zone and pool, it makes your vacation feels like you are in paradise. Imagine how adventurous when traveling to a hotel and casino at Circus Circus Las Vegas. The water playground makes your holiday a memorable and truly an experience and date to save.

The pool experience features a waterslide tower is a perfect water amusement experience. It is not all about land amusement, the water amusement park is a water playground. The two refreshing pools and the relaxing whirlpools.

staying at a hotel-casinoRV Park

RV park on the Las Vegas Strip offers you many amenities, including pools and whirlpools. Additionally, it has a pet run, a very pet-friendly park. No need to worry about your laundry; there is a laundry facility that handles your laundry.

Shopping experience

Are you a shopaholic? If you answer yes, well, this is the chance to prepare all your bucks for a shopping experience. You don’t only experience attractions and rides, but also a shopping experience. The Circus Circus will offer a wide range of stores, filled with gifts, souvenirs, and the other must-haves.

Is this your first time traveling to a place where they are called a sin? Not literally sin, but Sin City because of the numerous kids and adult attractions. A place of circus-inspired hotels and casinos can be found in Las Vegas.

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