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Its devilish name aside, 666 would be perfectly at home on the band's 2011 album. The album's second half is more classic bon iver territory;

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Artists like bon iver reddit. I also feel like they’re both kinda considered the “big names” in the indie music world. Follow our today’s song (s) playlist. I think everyone who listens to bon iver would agree that the best word to describe justin vernon’s style is “ethereal.” he has had a lot of influence on artists like kanye, too.

The closer two names are, the greater the probability people will like both artists. A quick google tells me bon iver opened some shows for iron and wine back in 2008, if we want to take guesses as to which way the influence most like went! Jump below to see 10 of the most famous grammy beefs in recent memory.

Not a lot of artists are similar to bon iver, but justin vernon is a member of volcano choir, who's record repave is quite similar to bon iver, bon iver.. So probably my favourite artists (band/artist) of all time are bon iver and ben howard and i feel like i’ve seen them related to each other quite a few times, like on spotify, on their subreddits, in youtube comments, etc. “rabi” fearlessly demonstrates justin vernon’s knack for language without hiding behind layers of sound or cryptic phrases making for a track that achieves bon iver level depth without too much mystery.

Why is it that male artists can sound like a giraffe in heat, but almost every female voice sounds like an angel? Check out this tracks from gold and cold. Frank ocean is number two on my list right behind bon iver, so i second this suggestion.

Imo it basically plays like an extension of bon iver (no disrespect to chris rosenau) i'd also recommend the antlers if you like a good dose of indie falsetto. The album features reinterpretations and remixes of the songs on howard’s 2019 album jamie by artists like common, childish gambino, bon iver, and little dragon. It reached number 92 on the billboard top 200 chart.

A second album, repave, was rele… read more. The key thing on this album was collaboration. With that said, i give you 1960s starlet nico, who sounds like a guy, therefore she’s eligible for the list.

Artists you might like if you like bon iver (list) made a collection of artists you might like !!! Musically, 22, a million, follows in the footsteps of artists like sufjan stevens, who on age of adz forwent his banjo for maximalist electronica.but the triumph of vernon on this latest album is how he steps out into unfamiliar and erratic musical territory but in a way that feels oddly continuous with his early work and more than fitting with the bon iver moniker. I normally hate country, but i love the devil wears a suit and tie by colter wall.

22, a million peaks with the anthemic 8, which cools. Bon iver (a taurus) originally posted by foxbeard. Listen to mezzanine, od, and silver dive.

So you don’t like bon iver. For bon iver’s fourth lp ‘i,i’, justin vernon wants to debunk the illusion that he and the project are one; To op, nights is my favorite off blonde, closely followed by self control.

I really like the shouting matches, deyarmond edison, and volcano choir. Not exactly the same style, but not far off either. I don’t really like animal collective either but i’d never write an article designed to make everyone that’s an animal collective fan sound like they’re pretentious or just bandwagoning because they’re a fan.

Novo amor is a great artist who clearly took massive influence from bon iver and james vincent mcmorrow. If you're just looking for a low slightly gravelly voice like he uses in exile, there are tons of options. Less directly similar, but still with.

Age ya rooz, love me like you do, nozi nozi, zendegi, ameneh. Bon iver shifts cryptic toward clarity in “rabi”. Radiohead pink floyd muse the beatles led zeppelin arctic monkeys arcade fire coldplay the doors nirvana tame impala bob dylan red hot chili peppers the strokes sigur ros the who gorillaz the rolling stones the smiths tool.

Volcano choir is an american indie band that started as a collaboration between justin vernon (of bon iver) and collections of colonies of bees. I like pj harvey and ema so i don’t really get why you hate bon iver so much. Highly recommend giving a thorough listen to volcano choir if you haven't already.

If you dont like rapping as much frank mostly sings on seigfried, close to you and godspeed (and a lot more but those are my favorites). While i'm sure there is more modern influence in different ways (and with the non obvious albums) back and forth between the two, iron and wine was on their third album and a well established name before fefa was a thought. Their debut album is unmap and was released on september 22, 2009.

I guess it’s sexist, or maybe females overall have better voices than us men.

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