How Much Should I Tip My Tattoo Artist


Deciding how much to tip a tattoo artist is really up to you—and not all artists agree on this point. Some might say that it’s too low and should go a touch higher.

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You need to adjust the tipping numbers according to the complexity of the tattoo and the amount of work the artist has put in creating and executing it.


How much should i tip my tattoo artist. On the low end, your artist make $120 out of that $300 and the shop takes the rest. A much agreed upon metric for tips among most tattoo artists at least 15% for their tattoos. But you will have to pay your artist at least $90 (15%) as a tip for their efforts.

On bigger and more time consuming pieces with prices over $2,000 for example. Have some extra cash on you when going for the appointment, and if all goes well, offer a tip on the end of your session. Use this quick guide to know the proper etiquette when it comes to tipping on your ink.

This system is based on the more “ old school ” system of the shop charging you. A tip that is slightly higher than average at the beginning may ensure great service and work on your next tattoo or session, or even an appointment when the office is already busy. Just as you would be hesitant to tip a waiter who provided you with bad service, if you are not happy with your tattoo, you are not required to tip.

“but you can always follow the golden rule of tipping 20 percent of whatever your tattoo price was if you. For example, if your tattoo artist is doing a large tattoo somewhere complicated on the body, and it requires several longer sessions, it would be rude to not tip or to tip less 20%. The most painful part of getting a tattoo should not be wondering how much to tip the artist at the end of the session.

It means that for a tattoo price of $200, you should pay $40 as a tip. To break down the cost to the artist: How to get rid of perioral dermatitis.

So with all that said, how much should you tip at your next tattoo appointment? If you enjoyed the service and the tattoo, tip what you think is reasonable. However, the average tattoo tip in the u.s.

Let’s say your tattoo cost $300. Your tattoo at someplace reasonable will include a free touchup within the year after it settles, in the event of any ink fallout, etc. Tattoo tipping etiquette, in general, should hover around 15% for small tattoos and 20% for larger tattoos, but as with all tips, you as a customer ultimately.

Here are a few reasons you may not have known that can help influence your decision on how much to tip your tattoo artist: Let’s face it, the decision to tip and the practice of tipping, in general, can be awkward. Only the worst/most rude tattoo artist would ever say something to you if you didn't tip, but they all expect it.

From someone parking your car, walking out your groceries, waiters, stylist, mechanics, and so on. Consider the size, time, and experience of the artist when tipping. When we look at how much is sufficient for a tattoo artist tip then it depends on many factors.

How much should i tip my tattoo artist? I always buy lunch, drinks, or snacks for the crew whom i've hired. A very generous tip for this piece would be $150 to $200.

“a tip is a tip—we appreciate anything,” says clifton. It is custom to tip if a service as been rendered. If you are extremely happy with the tattoo service then a good tip should be at least 20% of the total price.

If your tattoo artist charges $150 hour and you spend five hours in the chair, it puts you at $750. This will still cost the artist the sterile supplies, ink, and time necessary to do this, so i'd consider the tip the payment towards that. It is an industry standard, and my experience comes from all over the country, having work done by multiple nationally recognized artists, and personally knowing slews of others.

Jul 8, 2011 hobbyist general artist. Not 100% as many feel tattoos are too expensive to warrant a tip but tattoo artists fall under the category of “service” (like hairdressers , massage therapists and nail techs) and those folks get tipped. So if your artist takes $150 an hour and works for four hours, your bill will be $600.

The whole system is setup like a barber shop you may not know the in’s and out’s of tattoo business operations but most tattoo artists out there do not make every dollar you pay them. It is generally believed that you should pay 10% of the total price if you are satisfied with the service and there was nothing exceptional. As a basic knowledge of tip, this should be around 15 to 30 percent of the total amount of your tattoo.

For tattooing, a fair amount to tip your artist would be around 20 to 30% of your total. Like other types of services, there is no established percentage for tipping tattoo artists. How much do you tip on a $700 tattoo?

If your tattoo artist charges $150 hour and you spend five hours in the chair, it puts you at $750. A very generous tip for this piece would be $150 to $200. For a total bill of 300$, you should at least pay $50 to $60 as a tip to the tattoo artist.

If the service was well done, a tip of 20% is generous.

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